Sunday, 21 February 2010

Street Angel

I spent time with the Street Angels in Bolton tonight.  Street Angels are volunteers who provide a safe place to go for people (usually young women).  They also provide care and first aid for anyone who needs it.  While I was there, a young woman was brought in whose friends had left her on her own and she was a bit worse for wear.  She was very distressed and had a fit while I was there.  They looked after her, called the paramedics and sent her home in a taxi when she had recovered enough.
I only had time to take a few pictures, as the Street Angels were one down and were going on patrol, but I have a couple that I really like.  It was difficult to find a good spot to shoot, using my lights, so I set up outside the chapel where Street Angels operate as there was more room there.  I wanted ‘The Late Club’ sign in the background too.
I think the top picture stands out best.  With the bottom picture, my right-hand flash didn’t fire, but it adds a certain mystery…