Tuesday, 23 February 2010

I've done some more ringing around this afternoon with the following outcomes:
  1. Royal Mail - unfortunately, they don't work at night any more.
  2. Bolton at Home - they couldn't help, but said they may need photographers on occasions, so I have emailed them with my details.
  3. Youngs Pest Control - they were too busy.
  4. The Coastguard -  I have emailed them at Crosby.
  5. Trafford Park Printers - apparently I had been ringing the wrong night phone number, so will try again with the correct one!
  6. Bolton Council - they will look into street cleaners for me and said that my photographing the gritters was fine, and I will be contacted by Sean shortly about this.
  7. Merseytravel - I have emailed them about my project.
  8. Blast Away - they have no orders for night work at the moment, but I have emailed them about the project on the off-chance.
  9. Green Flag - unfortunately, they were unable to help, so I will contact the AA and RAC.
  10. Arndale Centre - I emailed about the possibility of photographing a cleaner or anyone else who works there at night.
  11. BBC Local Radio - I have emailed the BBC asking for permission to photograph a DJ at BBC Radio Manchester.
  12. I had a look at Radio City in Liverpool as Key 103 haven't replied yet.  I think I know why - they have the same radio presenter - Matt Wilkins - on both shows!  Contacted Matt on his own website instead.