Tuesday, 9 February 2010

  1. I called in at the Royal Mail sorting office in Farnworth today and spoke to a fantastic woman who was extremely helpful.  She gave me a number and email of a woman who I should speak to.  Unfortunately, my timing was abysmal as the programme Dispatches did a rather scathing portrait of the Royal Mail last night on TV, so I will wait a week or two until everything has died down and then speak to her.
  2. Whilst at the sorting office, I met a woman who knows someone who works nights for the council, so I gave her my card and hopefully something will come of this.
  3. I emailed Mike Toolan, the Breakfast Show DJ at Key 103 who I was told might be able to help me with this project.  I didn't get a reply from Matt Wilkins who does the nightshift there, but I was told they would be good to contact.
  4. Spoke to Clare from Street Angels, a charity who help clubbers at night by providing help for people who have been out clubbing at night,  which I thought was a great idea.  I will pop round there on Saturday night to have a chat.  Clare is happy to be photographed which is great news! 
  5. Emailed Dave at Urban Outreach and Winter Watch - these are charities which carry out important work protecting homeless people and street walkers.  Received a reply today and he seems very positive about it.  We need to have a chat first.
  6. Phoned the Alliance & Leicester press office.  My mum used to work in Girobank in Bootle (which was sold to the Alliance & Leicester in 1990) and she mentioned that people work nights there to sort cheques.  I know the office moved to Wigan, so that's where I'm hoping to go.  I know this might be impossible as there is a lot of sensitive material about, but you never know.
  7. Left messages with Silcoms, Green Flag, Bolton Hospice, Sainsbury's and ASDA.  Hope they get back to me.
  8. I will be photographing a nurse at Bolton Hospital tomorrow night.
  9. I am photographing Martin at the Salvation Army tomorrow night too.