Monday, 8 February 2010

  1. Finally got in touch with Tracy Merger who is the manager of the gritting operation in Bolton.  He took my number and said that someone will phone me tomorrow about the possibility of me taking a picture at the gritting station.  He is also in charge of the upcoming maintenance work on St Peter's Way so I will ask him about that too.
  2. I also emailed the manager at the Holiday Inn to see if she would agree to a reshoot inside the hotel this time.  I photographed her outside last time for continuity as all the other workers had been photographed outside.
  3. Left a message on David, a Bailiff's phone, so I'm hoping he rings me back.  If not I'll try and ring him again.  It is difficult to know what time of day to ring people who work at night.  I don't want to ring them too early, as they probably sleep during the day.