Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Now my MA project is finished, I am pleased with the results.  I have learned a great deal on this course and by getting involved in the photography projects over the past eighteen months.

I would like to thank all the nightworkers who participated in this project.  It showed a great deal of trust on their part, allowing me into their workplaces and homes and letting me photograph them in the way I did. I always wonder if I would let a stranger come into my place of work and spend half an hour of my work-time taking snaps of them.  I think I would, as I know the effort that is required in locating and persuading companies to participate. 

I have found this project hugely enjoyable, although it was exhausting and frustrating at times, and have met extremely interesting people in the process.  I would like to carry on this style of photography, as I am very interested in people, their opinions and what they do.  I have gained invaluable experience in documentary photography and photojournalism and have a couple of projects in mind that I am thinking of pursuing which are also social documentary/photojournalistic in nature.