Tuesday, 29 December 2009


I have a lot of questions and thoughts about this project.

How many people do I have to find/photograph?

Should I photograph people in the same way?

If I photograph them in the same way, they will all fit together in the book - if done on 35mm, the layout will be landscape. I think this approach is best.

It may be difficult to find everyone who does an 'unusual' job, but I will try and find as many as I can.

I will interview everyone I photograph as I have done with my last two projects. I feel that since I am there photographing them, it would be a waste not to interview them and find out more about who they are and what they do.

I like the fact that people who work at night are kind of 'forgotten' - people who are taken for granted most of the time.

My approach, as always, will be neutral - not 'celebrating' workers and not inferring they have a 'bad time'. Any positivity or negativity will come from the people I photograph - I will try as much as possible to give the people I photograph the choice of how they wish to be portrayed. This may produce something interesting.